JSSHTunnel is a lightweight GUI application which forwards local & remote ports over SSH connections. It is written in Java and uses Eclipse SWT & JSch. All you need is a JVM to run it.

My motivation to write this software came from a lack of any other solution to my needs - to maintain several remote & local port forwards over several SSH hosts.

Although there are commercial solutions I didnít find any open-source solutions short of shell-scripting & Autossh.

The first release of JSSHTunnel is quite limited, it was intended more as a proof of concept. I will be making sweeping changes in it until it does everything I want it to.


  • When you first open the application you need to right-click in the list view where "Not Connected" is displayed and select "Configuration". Enter the details of your SSH connection and the port forward you want to make. Then save these details and exit the application. When you reopen the application your saved config will be used, right-click on the name of your server and hit connect.
  • Tested on the Sun JVM and the Microsoft standard JVM.
  • Although this is a Java application its using SWT functionality specific to the Windows platform. Cross-platform variants and a command-line version will be available in future releases.
  • Configuration is stored in %USERPROFILE%\.jsshtunnel.xml and passwords are not currently encrypted in any way.

  • Features & Limitations in 0.0.0

  • Targetted at Windows platform, comes with a Windows-based installer, other platforms will follow
  • Resides in the System Tray when minimised
  • Requires a 1.4 or 1.5 JVM on the target machine (works with the Sun & Microsoft JVM's)
  • Currently only supports one connection, with a single local forward (hey, its only a proof of concept release)
  • Connection details (including passwords) are stored in plaintext form in its XML configuration file %USERPROFILE%\.jsshtunnel.xml
  • Since its just the very first release it is quite basic, but it works

  • Screenshots

    The main window.

    The configuration window.


  • Multiple connections each with multiple local & remote forwards
  • Hot-pluggable port forwarding rules without having to re-connect
  • Cross platform UI & command line versions
  • Encrypted passwords for configuration file

  • Download

    JSSHTunnel-0.0.0.exe - installer
    JSSHTunnel-0.0.0-source.zip - source code


  • Project Summary
  • Project Summary

  • © 2005 Michael Cutler (m@cotdp.com)

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